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Ready for some career therapy?

At Girlboss, we’re all about helping you find success on your own terms. That’s why we asked hundreds of women in our community—ambitious, hardworking and driven individuals (that’s you!) to tell us about your biggest career roadblocks and struggles.

Here's what you had to say: "I don't hate my job...but I don't love it either." "I feel like there's more to life than this. My job provides stability but not much joy." "My work is unfulfilling and it feels like it doesn't matter."

In a nutshell: you're stuck. You’ve lost your career mojo and your work doesn’t feel like a satisfying extension of the rest of your life. We set out to change that, and to help our community get unstuck.

We created this course in collaboration with our favorite career coach, Tori Lazar. In this course, Tori taps into the very same resilience-building tactics she used to navigate her own professional journey. She also unlocks creative leadership methods from her private coaching sessions and brand new worksheets, guides, and templates developed exclusively with Girlboss—all backed by real conversations with members of our community about their most pressing career concerns.

What you'll learn

  • The “tea” on work: understand the roots of your career stuckness

  • Change your mindset and daily habits: Rethink your days with powerful introspection prompts and exercises

  • Tap into your inner genius: Figure out your differentiators—aka your magic and how to leverage them for real growth

  • Uncover and protect your purpose: Learn how to make authentic choices and stick to your non-negotiables

  • Optimize your network: Unlock the hidden market of opportunities through authentic connections

  • Put it into motion: Actualize your dream career, step by step

Course Curriculum

    1. 1: Intro & The “Tea” on Work

    1. 2: Change Your Mindset and Daily Habits

    1. 3: Tap Into Your Inner Genius

    1. 4A: Define and Protect Your Purpose

    2. 4B: Create Your Work Pie

    1. 5A: Build Your Offer

    2. 5B: Unlock Your Hidden Network

    1. 6: Make an Action Plan

What you'll get

  • $199.00
  • 8 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content
  • 6 video modules filled with relatable storytelling, introspection prompts, thought exercises and mantras
  • Supplemental worksheets, checklists, and templates
  • Monthly book club with reading recommendations and weekly journal prompts and exercises for specific needs

Bonus material

It’s not just a course, but an all-encompassing career playbook and support system to help you turn thoughts into things and connect with people just like you.

  • A private group with other students, moderated by team Girlboss + Monthly AMAs with Tori

    $500+ value

    In this closed group of fellow students, you’ll receive journaling prompts and thought exercises, Tori’s reading reccos as well as a spontaneous space to connect, chat, problem-solve or simply find community. Plus: A monthly call where you’ll get to ask Tori pretty much anything—stuck on a problem? Torn on a decision? Just need to vent? Because we know ambition can feel lonely sometimes.

  • Your Life Wiki on Notion + 10 exercise books and slides

    $79+ value

    Get organized, stay accountable and track your progress with our suite of supplemental materials, templates and glossaries. These quick-reference tools will not only help you thoroughly follow along with the lessons in each module, but also be an evergreen resource after you finish the course. From writing the perfect email to super-charging your LinkedIn profile, our guides will show you exactly how.

We’re not here to tell you to quit your job or just ask for a raise.

We’re going deeper—way deeper—to unlock your true source of joy and ambition so that you can navigate the rest of your career with true self-worth and self-awareness.

Think of Tori as your accountability partner, sounding board, failure-friendly guide and conduit for revealing hard truths.
  • Together we’ll rework your perceptions of failure, work/life balance, success, and ambition to develop a healthier mindset and daily habits.

  • We’ll define your unique qualities, strengths, and values so you can build a career that embraces and promotes your authenticity.

  • We’ll craft a purpose-driven on and off-job life that honors all parts of who you are, optimizes your impact and fuels your potential.

  • We’ll also level up your communication and relationship-building skills to unlock your hidden network of career opportunities and boost your pay.

  • And to round it all out, we’ll identify and take active steps toward your dream career (and life), while keeping your financial stability at the forefront.

Meet Your Instructor

Tori Lazar

Tori Lazar is a creative leadership coach and business consultant for purpose-driven entrepreneurs, executives, and brands. She founded the coaching studio How to Fck Up Well. She also serves as an advisor to Female Startup Club and Black Girl Magik. Tori aims to destigmatize failure and redefine it as an unconventional springboard for growth. Tori started her career in marketing, dreaming of becoming a CMO at a big, shiny tech company. When (spoiler alert) that didn't happen, she figured out who she is beyond work, what fuels her, and how she can best use her skills.


“Tori is a bright shining light and I'm so grateful to have crossed paths and worked with her. Her insight, worksheets, and approach to navigating a modern career (and life) were impactful in more ways than one. Would highly recommend working with Tori if you need someone to push you to think differently and help you redefine your path.”

Arpita Mehta, Brand Strategist, Podcast Host, and Writer

“I don’t want to come off as dramatic but working with Tori has changed my life. The care, intention, and expertise she shows up with for each coaching session is always met with delight. She challenges me where I need it most and offers a unique coaching style that fits well with my creative path. I’ve recommended Tori to anyone who I feel needs support from someone with fresh eyes and lived experiences. Kudos to you Tori and thank you. ”

Elyse Fox, Filmmaker, Creative, and Mental Health Advocate, CEO of Sad Girls Club, Board Member for Rare Beauty (IG handle:

“Tori is an absolute star!! Blending her creativity with solid business sense, she has this incredible way of shifting how to think and approach your work and career. She reignited a spark in me that I legit thought was gone for good. Working with her will be a game changer 🙌”

Jess Catorc, Co-founder @ Carry, Award-winning Video Producer, Creator, and Speaker (IG handle: @jesscatorc)

This course is for you if you want to become:

✅ A more confident risk-taker

✅ A concise communicator 

✅ A compassionate manager

✅ An authentic decision-maker

✅ And an intentional problem-solver